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Dumble Schematic - There has always been much talk about the mystical hand-built amps that a particular man sells for around $10,000 each. Some claim these are the greatest. Back to Home Page [Tube Data Page ][Tube & Tube Amp Links Page ][Dynaco Upgrades ][Dusty Files Part 1 Part 2][Other Triode Pages][Schematic Index][Studio. Getting Started All the files at Schematic Heaven are in Adobe Acrobat form. So you'll need to download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader via the link below to.

Schematic Heaven. Where All Good Amp & Effect Designs Await Resurrection. Azabache - An original overdrive inspired by classic Fender amps. Schematic, PCB/perfboard layouts, and photos. Britannia - An original overdrive inspired. Music related electronic circuit diagrams / circuit schematics (also see Audio) Note that all these links are external and we cannot provide support on the.

Schematics: Acoustic: Acoustic B450 B600h Acoustic_165 Acoustic_470_service_manual Acoustic_g100t. File: Description: Guitar Amps and Mods Blue Guitar amp mods: c30scmod.gif [143k] Peavy Classic 30 schematic (with 1998 mods drawn in) c30schmd.pdf [171k]. Tubes and Parts for Hi-Fi,Radio,Guitar,etcTube data & amp schematics onlinelinks to Tube Amp info on the web.

Fender Frontline 2003 BOOK. Everybody has the magazine-style soft cover Frontlines, but this was a limited run hardcover edition, fully bound and factory.

CeriatoneUSA Manuals and Layout Diagrams Son Of Yeti 20W Lunchbox
Dumble amplifiers information archive - courtesy of Rob Livesey gregors_D.jpg
So you wanna build a Dumble Overdrive Special? | La Révolution Deux Here's a layout for the Overtone Special 50 (A Dumble Overdrive Special 50W Clone):
Music Man Schematics Schematic, 6001 (Music Man, 1980)
AB763 Mods Click the image for the full size schematic. Every component function is listed.
Schematic Stash – Chasing Amp Tone Hiwatt 20 Watt
Adding tube spring reverb to a Mesa Boogie SOB Name: ECL86 DUMBLE REVERB Circuit.jpg Views:
5F2H Amp Kit Schematic
super reverb dumble amp???? - The Amp Garage 920400.jpg[/img]
Blue Guitar Schematics magnatone_260a.gif [97k] ...
Tweed ODS... micro | Telecaster Guitar Forum Tweed ODS micro schematic.png
5E3 Mods Both volume pots, both phase inverter caps and the V1 preamp are different from a standard 5E3 Deluxe. Both transformers are from Mercury Magnetics.
Dumble SSS Click image for larger version. Name: studiobass.gif Views: 1331 Size:
Two-Channel SE Channel Switching Question - The Amp Garage http://i41.tinypic.com/6r1yt5.jpg
CeriatoneUSA Manuals and Layout Diagrams Chupacabra 100W
1963-1967 "Black Face" Super Reverb AB763 Super Reverb Schematic · AB763 Super Reverb Chassis Layout
AB763 Mods The 68 CDR is not a silverface amp, it is an almost exact copy of the 64 Deluxe Reverb Reissue with just a few valuable tweaks. Click the image for the full ...
Overtone HRM mods - The Amp Garage Unfortunately the schematic is not available.